At Paatela & Co Architects Ltd, our primary focus is on architectural design for health care sector projects and the various elements of these. We have designed and implemented a wide range of projects in both new construction and renovation, including demanding university hospitals, central hospitals, health centres, elderly care facilities and other health and wellness sector projects.

Among the new design requirements for health care buildings that have emerged in recent years is the need for flexibility to allow for adaptation to future changes, and the importance of an efficient functional concept for managing the life-cycle operating costs. In this context, we have also focused on areas such as project master planning and in-depth preliminary design and concept design as a part of normal architectural design.

Representative clients in our portfolio include various public organisations, hospital districts, local authorities, foundations, and private developers and construction firms.

In addition to the work we perform independently, we also participate in joint projects with other Finnish and foreign architectural, design and construction firms.