Selected references:

  • Jalkaranta Elderly Care Centre, Lahti

    2007    63,000 cu.m, A new 160-bed elderly care centre with wards and a

    rehabilitation department, adjoins the existing centre

  • Saijo-Finland Health-Wellbeing Centre, Ehime, Japan, elderly care center

    2007    A new health-wellbeing centre for the elderly, concept design

  • Oulu Deaconess Foundation / Well-being Centre

    2003    18,000 cu.m, An extension and renovation of the well-being centre,

    concept design

  • Finnish Well-being Centre, Sendai, Japan

    2002    44.700 cu.m, A 150-bed elderly care centre building with wards and

    rehabilitation departments, concept design, winning competition entry

  • Kauniala Disabled War Veterans’ Hospital, Kauniainen

    2002    2,600 cu.m, Particial renovation of the existing elderly care hospital

  • Jalkaranta Elderly Care Centre, Lahti

    1998    12.500 cu.m, Reconstruction of an apartment building for elderly care

    wards and services

  • Iitti Health Centre

    1997    19,600 cu.m, Renovation of the health centre and a new building for

    nursing home, concept design

  • Kauniala Disabled War Veterans’ Hospital, Kauniainen

    1997    15,900 cu.m, Renovation of wards

  • Ahtiala Elderly Care Home and Health Centre, Lahti

    1993    21,000 cu.m, A new elderly care building, concept design

  • Kyyhkylä Rehabilitation Centre, Mikkeli

    1993    12,000 cu.m, Renovation of an elderly care building

  • Oulunkylä Rehabilitation Hospital, Helsinki

    1992    34,000 cu.m, A new 100-bed elderly care hospital with wards and

    rehabilitation departments

  • Kauniala Disabled War Veteran’s Hospital, Kauniainen

    1991    1,000 cu.m, Partial renovation of the hospital

Please note:

Some of the reference projects listed above may also be included in reference information for Sweco, due to an acquisition carried out in 2005. Mikael Paatela was the chief architect in these projects as well.