Assignment: New well-being centre building
Architect: Chief architect Mikael Paatela
Client: Touhoku Fukushi Corporation, Japan
Gross area: 44,700 sq.m
Year: Design in 2002, project

With its shaded balconies and terrace gardens, the Finnish Well-Being Centre (FWBC) represents a modern Care Centre for the elderly with a relaxing and patient-friendly care environment. The Care Centre project is a low mainly 3-storied, partly 4-storied building housing all the key facilities and technologies for a modern elderly care facility. In addition to the care services there are a total of 120 beds for intensified care, normal group care, and short stay patients. The main entrance lobby is a three-story-high open glass wall space. Next to the lobby there is a Japanese-style sun garden. The Day Centre houses the facilities for different activities and therapies, a gymnasium, a library, a rehabilitation unit, medical, psychologist and beauty services and a home help unit.